The Mythic Leap

Still working on our latest foe, Heroic Archimonde. We are in need of seasoned adventurers to meet the Mythic Challenge. Being a 20man setting we are looking to bolster our roster. Skilled DPS and Heals are needed to break the enemy lines. Contact us in game for full details! (Arleos, Tornadofang, Mickeyjay, Cielidor, Mortiferio)


HellFire Citadel is Upon us!

It’s been a few weeks into the latest patch, and with a few new faces, and a few returning faces, we are plowing through the new content.

Still looking to recruit a few additional bodies with the intention of heading to Mythic. Anything from Tanks to healers- great time to join as no one is behind in gear with the new instance being released!


Recruitment time!

That time of the expansion is upon us, we need to recruit a few more solid bodies to continue our progress in Mythic content. Have any friends needing a raid guild tues/wed/thurs 9-12 EST- thats us! Mana Buscuits and repairs for all! its time to Join The Brotherhood of the North! – Mannoroth, Alliance Guild.


Happy New Years!

With another year behind us, we are ready to start 2015 with a bang! Official raids to begin soon. So Suit up, rest up, and update those macros. We plan on starting off with heroics and moving to Mythic. If you need help with gear or spec options, check with the guild- we have many experts around to lend a kind word of advice.
Check forums for raiding requirements and expectations.

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WOD underway!

Warlords of Draenor is well underway. The Brotherhood of the North sets off to meet the new challenges ahead. It has been 10 years since The Brotherhood has been doing battle in Azeroth, we are prepared to meet the Iron Horde head on!